Monday, 5 September 2016

Wake up!

Wake up! Wake up!

Sometimes one starts off thinking small, then seemingly from nowhere, it becomes a wider concept. As if one is tapping into a universal truth - the very ethos of our existence. This, without wishing to sound too egotistical, is what's happening for me right now.  

It seems that the long awaited epiphany has arrived.  But it's different than expected. It's not about letting go because there is nothing to let go of. It's about realisation. Somehow, through a recent romantic connection and wisdom accrued through my almost 42 years on earth - I am finally aware.

Some weeks ago I was impressed by the number of times synchronicity occurred during a romance. There were numerous examples throughout but the content of these are not important.  What matters is that they occurred. Jung has said that synchronicity is meaningful coincidences between events, which have no apparent causal relationship. His positing of synchronicity as a theatrical concept offered evidence of the collective unconscious. That is the unconscious of the shared soul of humanity. I don't seek to offer an in depth explanation of Jung's theories because quite frankly, I doubt that I could. I'm merely using his theories to provide an introduction to the musings in this post.  

Returning to the romance, I recall that the gentleman and I spoke about the sheer number of synchronicities which appeared to occur during our short relationship. By way of explanation, he said “it's just the connection”. And, on reflection, he was absolutely right. The more connected we became, the more synchronicities occurred.

It seems to me, on this day of realisation, that deeper connections between people take place because they are more intune with the collective unconscious. These people are, to varying degrees, switched on rather than switched off. They are not part of the zombie nation but are instead: more open, more connected and more intune.  In our case: we were both, roughly speaking, switched on at same level. Thus, our respective frequencies resonated.  Of equal significance, was the numerous commonalities between us. We, unconsciously, utilised these commonalities to connect across the collective unconscious. And we were able to read each other's algorithms.

The deeper meaning behind all this is simple. Human beings are connected. Meaningful coincidences enable us to comprehend the magnitude of the collective unconscious. In other words synchronicity provides us with an example of the collective unconscious in action. Some of us are more in touch with the source because we are spiritually awake. This, combined with common ground, enables us to connect deeply with another person's frequency.

I recently wrote about the connection between The Matrix and 42.  I quoted Morpheus who said - “it is the question that drives us”. And I believe this to be so. It is the question of comprehending the source. The primordial knowledge, that we each knew but may have forgotten.  Once we remember, when we switch on and wake up - we truly connect.

Interestingly, it is perhaps no coincidence that I'm in my 42 year on earth. I haven't yet arrived at the anniversary of my birth but will do so in a few months.

For me, this blog post is the written record of a defining moment. I believe that I have arrived at an understanding of the nature of the human condition. Additionally, I finally realise why some connections resonate more than others. There is, of course, room to evolve my realisation and I'm certainly not suggesting that I have reached an undisputed higher state of consciousness. However, I do feel as though I'm making progress through this journey called life.


The RGF 

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