Monday, 12 September 2016

Love letter

I want a letter. The kind that Keats wrote to Fanny. A letter filled with passion and poetry. Messages are fantastic. Well, they can be, depending on the author but nothing beats a love letter. I've received them in past. The distant past. What can I say, I'm old! But I see no reason why a love letter shouldn't be a thing in modern times. Just because we can text and WhatsApp, doesn't mean we shouldn't write a real letter.

I've probably read Love Letters from Great Men and Women too many times. I'm certainly rather obsessed with The Lake House - the characters within conduct their whole relationship via letter for reasons that would spoil the plot if shared here. I care not. I want a love letter. Damn it, I want a string of love letters. Please arrange this for me fate.



PS.  Im not overly hopeful. I've heard shit all from Ryan Reynolds. ;-)

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