Wednesday, 14 September 2016


I have finally removed Zoosk - the dating site which served no purpose other than a waste of my precious time. I have received months of super helpful email and text alerts from this anti-dating site.  Every time I got a text, I thought, oooh text, I am pure excite, quickly followed by oh it's Zoosk, I feel dead inside.  I was unable to reply to any messages without payment.  I was basically unable to do anything other than sarcastically bask in the glory of attention from men with ridiculous profile names.  Men, I'm afraid to say that I wouldn't have dated if Zoosk had paid me.  I should point out that male attention of itself doesn't interest me.  I am not a seeker of affirmation.  I would like a super charged connection which will lead to a profound romantic relationship - a dating site should enable this but oddly it kinda doesn't. This applies to all of them really but Zoosk is a special case. 

Zoosk, in its infinite wisdom, does not allow users to delete their account via the mobile phone.  I realise that Zoosk is a business thus wants to keep people on their site but really - let the people remove via their phone. Not everyone has a PC or laptop.  I actually do have a laptop but it offers a casual internet connection.  It's like the lottery, the odds are against you getting anywhere but you try anyway.  For some strange reason dating sites are banned at work.  Why one cannot browse profiles whilst faffing about with spreadsheets is entirely beyond me.  I can multi-task.  Am female, have daughter, earn pennies - I'm the goddess of the multi-task.  Anyhoo, back to the point - my ability to remove Zoosk has been hampered by the factors outlined above.

Happily, on this day, after months of pointless text and email alerts, I have finally waved bye bye to Zoosk via my parent's PC.  Mum and dad to the rescue once again. 

I feel so free. 

xx xx

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