Thursday, 8 September 2016

Hug yourself

So many people worry about the next moment thus forget to exist in the present one. It seems sensible, for the most part, to start living within the exact moment one is experiencing. Unless watching My Little Pony - then exist in every other moment available except the present one. My Little Pony is the televisual equivalent of watching paint dry, when the paint has an American accent.  Otherwise, as a general rule of thumb, existing in the present moment is absolutely gooooood.

The process of existing in the moment is often referred to as being mindful. It's being aware of the body, the mind, the soul exactly as it is right now. Each time thoughts drift elsewhere, one pulls oneself back to the present moment. It takes practice. In fact it takes a shitload of practice. Unfortunately, adult people don't connect with the now, as children do. We have socialised ourselves out of the innate habit. We have responsibilities, worries, fears, plans and so on. These take us away from mindfulness. So we have to make a mental point of returning to it.

It is worth the effort because the more we exist in each moment, the less we worry. Mindfulness creates a sense of inner peace. Unless watching My Little Pony, as previously, and probably unnecessarily indicated.  Moreover, it enables us to return to our higher selves thus connect with the collective unconscious.

The next time I feel like I need an all night hug, I shall remind myself to return to the source by being mindful. I may not be able to generate a hug from the right person but I can certainly return to a calm and positive self under my own steam.

From this point forward, mindfulness will be known as the self hug. That's not say that an actual hug, say from Ryan Reynolds, wouldn't be flipping lovely. Commence ‘Carry on laughing mode’ - we won't start with hugs either, nudge nudge, wink wink. But on a semi serious note, it's important to recognise that I have self hugs on tap and I don't need to shave my legs beforehand. I don't care if I resemble Cousin It. I love me. :-)

May the self hugs commence.

Sunshine and flowers,


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