Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Songs that transform us

Last night I watched the magnificent Bill Bailey. He was, and always is, achingly funny. I 'suffered’ actual laughter pain but damn was it worth it. Furthermore, his Hindi-Indie cover of Creep reminded me that this track, by Radiohead, is one of my most favourite of all time. There is something in the lyrics, the music and Thom Yorke’s eerily beautiful voice that resonates in my soul.

Creep was a transformative song for me. Released around the time that I was beginning to become more like myself and in so doing, realised that I didn't fit into the social spaces I once occupied as a teen. This feeling was highlighted when I queued to access a trendy bar with friends. I was probably about eighteen, thus, post transformative romantic relationship number one. I recall that I wore a pink headscarf and a tye-dyed shirt. The bouncers made me remove it. Nay nay - stop with this rudeness - I removed the scarf, not the shirt. As I unravelled my hair from it's temporary pinkness, Creep played into my mind. I knew then, that I no longer wanted to exist in plastic spaces, filled with wannabe barbie dolls. I simply didn't belong there. This was also the start of a super snobby, up-my-own-arse music period in my life. If a toooooonn wasn't in Melody Maker or NME, it was shite.

Now that I'm knocking on a bit, I can happily frequent most spaces where a social life plays out. I quite like trendy bars - they tend sell exciting over-priced cocktails and the bathroom's have sofas. More importantly, now I'm 41ish, wherever I roam, I am entirely myself. And it is worth noting that outfits do not maketh the woman, unless said outfit is a fairy costume.

Returning to Creep, it has, unsurprisingly, a place on my playlist of all time or, to give it a better description, it enjoys a space on the soundtrack of my life thus far. Ye gods, give me access to every song ever written, provide me with wine, a dance floor and good company - then I'll smile from my toes to the tips of my hair.............

Thoughts of life soundtracks probably engenders an idea - the actual creation of my ultimate playlist. What an undertaking that would be! It could take weeks to create such a list. So many songs of greatness. It would probably require more effort and a larger word count than my dissertation…..but…...I think it needs to happen… watch this space………..

Yours, as ever,

The RGF xxx

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