Friday, 27 June 2014

Top twenty sexy people

Somewhere in the back of my mind, in moments between mummy stuff, housework and other more down-to-earth activities, I've been compiling a sexy famous people list.  No prizes for guessing who is my number one!  Here's the list:

1. Brace yourselves........yes you are correct, it's Benedict Cumberbatch! Me and millions of other fans agree, he is beautiful sexy perfection.

2. Milo Ventimiglia.  Super sexy.  I can never remember how to spell his surname but that doesn't detract from his hotness.  

3. Kat Dennings.  Just wow.  The perfect woman.  

4. Alison Goldfrapp.  Like a teeny tiny melodic angel.  

5.  Natasha Khan.  Sultry, sexy and incredibly talented.  

6.  Keanu Reeves.  For the longest time he sat in the number one spot but then BC happened.

7.  John Simm.  Just sexy goodness. 

8.  Simon Pegg. Partly due his comedy genius and partly due to his eyes.  

9. Simon Neil.  Of Biffy Clyro and Marmaduke duke aka god like person.

10.  Sasha Roiz.  Ooooh the captain in Grimm.  Deep sigh at his lovely face.

11. David Giuntoli.  Such a handsome man.  I like the beardy version best!

12. JP Reid.  Of Sucioperro, Maramaduke duke and Medals aka god like person.

13. Jude Law.  He will always occupy a position on my list.  

14.  Tori Amos.  Talented, beautiful and kind of odd.

15.  Liv Tyler.  Heart meltingly beautiful. 

16. Charlize Theron.  Beautiful perfection.  She looks so different in the film Monster. 

17. Christina Ricca.  Another sexy woman.

18.  Natalie Portman.  If you could choose your appearance, you'd choose to look like Natalie.

19.  Viggo Mortenson.  For a million reasons but mostly because he is Aragorn. 

20.  Jared Leto.  He would be higher up but has looked a little odd of late (sorry Jared).

So that's my list.  Men and women.  And yes this is hot list, not an I admire their attractiveness as I'd admire a sculpture list.  I like men and women.  It's out there.  Phew. Mostly though, I prefer BC and, of course, my actual husband!!!! 


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