Saturday, 21 June 2014

Everest or so it seemed

I just climbed Everest.  Yay me.  Okay, that is a lie, but it kinda felt like I'd climbed Everest.  I have, in fact, just partially defrosted the freezer (plus carried out a multitude of other boring domestic activities).  I always dread operation defrost.  I avoid it. This doesn't help matters.  I do the same with oven cleaning.  I avoid, I avoid for as long as possible.  I am, in fact, pretty hygiene conscious, no really, I am.  I like a clean house, well as clean as a house can be with men and children.  I work on the hypothesis that freezers are very cold and ovens are generally very hot. Very cold and very hot places limit the extent that bacteria can flourish.  Okay there are probably super bugs that deem an oven an exotic holiday location but mostly bugs don't hang in places of extreme temperatures.  Or so I hope. :-/

Interestingly, our freezer was so frozen that it had polar bears living in it.  There were also igloos and very large snow men.  Fear not, I evicted them all ethically.  Moreover, an array of spillages had given legs to new life-forms. Horrible life-forms that I really wish I hadn't spent any time with.  These were evicted less ethically.  Fortunately I have a steam cleaner, this didn't exactly make light work of operation freezer but it reduced the levels of ice-like-glass induced scratches on my hands. I kid you not.  That ice was thick, so thick that we have been unable to shut the freezer door properly for days.  If it wasn't for the steam cleaner, I'd probably still be there now, chipping my way through the Snow Queen's Castle.

At times, I enjoyed steaming out the freezer.  I quite liked the sensation of blasting my way through the ice bergs.  I felt like an intrepid explorer.  I was an intrepid explorer.  During the steam blasting, I saw movement out of the corner of my eye.  I knew it wasn't my two year old, she was behind a closed door and safely tucked in the playpen.  My husband was out.  I was alone with the freezer.  So, with razor sharp reflexes I turned and blasted steam at the movement bringer.  On reflection this was a highly dangerous move.  I could have steam blasted a non-criminal-person or a cute animal.  Luckily I just steam blasted the curtain and the curtain, inanimate as it is, didn't seem to mind.

Anyway, as you can imagine from my lively descriptions, operation freezer was a highly dangerous and eventful experience.

I hope my husband will finish the job.


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