Saturday, 7 June 2014

A poem by Nandini Sahu

This is a poem that I just read by Nandini Sahu.  Something in her words makes me feel calm.  I think perhaps there is a softness to the way one word ends and another begins.  The words seem to float from the page.  Beautiful.  Read on..........

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After you left
only after you left
I could guess
that your shadow spreads
beneath my lonely heart,
and you are a stranger
the most loving stranger;
time came to a halt
pain sprinkled over my earth.

This contention crushed me to dust
clipped my wings
addicted to fly
pushed me off the branch
where I was resting, relaxed
in an endless sphere;
my heart broke.
The vibrations
spread across the sky.

Can I ever write a love poem
for you? Exclusively for you?
Time is ripe
sharpening its claw
to rupture the skeleton of pallid earth.
Why am I roaming in the sun
when the shady tree
has always waited
even though the shadows have only
troubled me
playing hide and seek.

Why didn’t you play that tune
taking away all pain
giving joy of self-introspection?
There is no want to drink
when the cup overflows.
I had always wanted
to drink life to the lees,
but a poor mortal that I was
I saw an empty cup
and pierced my heart with thorns.

Safely sail through life.
Oh fateful one,
tears are dear to you.
Beneath the troubled waters
I too love to float.

I am awarded
with a life time of turmoil
and a stranger, loved the most

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