Sunday, 1 June 2014

Make and mend - it's fun and frugal

I have been focusing some of my energies upon improving the contents of my wardrobe.  Most of these energies have been expended upon tie dying, tie bleaching and fabric painting.  These, are creative areas that I'm very comfortable with. 

Today I've been sewing.  Actually sewing, with a needle and related items!  (Incidentally, the earlier paragraph suggests that this sewing was creative.  If I'm honest, the suggestion that anything creative happened as a result of the sewing, is something of a stretch).  However, I do have two cotton cardigan thingies, which were hitherto covered with holes, that are now ready to wear.  Arguably, one of the cardigan thingies is rather roughly sewn but I intend to wear it anyway. 

I dislike throwing clothes away.  Even if throwing away means taking the clothes for recycling.  In any event, I adore these cardigan thingies.  They are wonderfully representative of my hippyish image. 

I think I might adorn the roughly sewn cardigan thingy with spray on fabric paint.  I think it will avert the eye from the sewn areas and, more importantly, spray on fabric paint looks interesting. 

Make and mend folks.  It's fun and frugal.


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