Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Yellow and purple pictures

The pictures below were taken whilst on holiday in Wales, at a place called Plas Cadnant in Anglesey (although I believe that people say 'on Anglesey'). It was one of the most peaceful and beautiful places Ive ever been to. I felt very spiritual there. A magical place.

Our cottage had a sort of conservatory area - my friends and I called it the Fairy Grotto. We decorated it with candles, solar lights, beer cans and ash trays. We played music into the small hours and looked out into the dark garden area.

The cottage had a real fire and was decorated in a traditional style. I have a preference for the contemporary - clean lines, nothing fancy but in this case I felt completely at home behind patterned curtains. I found myself feeling quietly contemplative when listening to the sound of old style clocks.

I hope to go back one day.


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