Monday, 17 August 2009

Random singing

That post-ill sicky feeling still hasn't really left me. It has, no doubt, been heightened by the chocolate bar I half-ate earlier before realising that it was past its best before date (see earlier blog). As a result of sickness and a general weak feeling, I decided that I needed more recovery-from-illness-sleep. I climbed into Mark's bed and waited for the sicky feeling to diminish. Sleep did arrive eventually but not before a long, long, long and unexpected serenade from Mark's neighbour. His neighbour decided to enjoy some seriously loud singing at the same time that I decided I needed sleep. At one point I deemed that she must have been singing into the wall with a loud hailer. Sadly, I can only assume that the walls here are very thin which worries me somewhat for reasons that I won't go into. She actually has a very beautiful voice. I enjoyed it but it's very difficult to sleep when someone is belting out the R & B. However, the singing did end and I fell into a short but helpful sleep. I still feel slightly off but I'm improving all the time.

Now where is that good luck I'm due.....

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