Tuesday, 25 August 2009

New words

New words for your consideration.....

As far as my chum Gemma and I were concerned, we invented the words Minterooney and Turnerooney. Minterooney is an extension of the word Mint (when Mint means that's very good rather than the Mint with a hole for example) and Turnerooney is an extension of the word Turn. I have found one reference to Minterooney on Google, written in May 2007 so sadly we can't take credit for its invention, god damn it. Turnerooney was first uttered when my friend Gemma needed to do a U-turn because I had failed to direct her appropriately. I exclaimed, you need to do a Turnerooney here. We laughed for quite some time. Though some would say, we laugh easily. All credit to us, I would say.

Another new word is Bollu. Looking at Google, Bollu is a surname for some but for others it's a typing error, when you mean to write the word bollocks. Written by my friend Sam some months ago on Facebook and laughed at by her brother Kieron and I. Sam's a writer and I do think that she should find a way to use Bollu in her new book.

So Bollu, Minterooney, Turnerooney - use these words, they are Minterooney!


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