Monday, 17 August 2009

Bad luck

I'm not so much having a run of bad luck as a marathon of bad luck. Bad things, I believe, are meant to happen in threes, not multiples of threes. I must have done some pretty shitty things in a past life because I try really hard to be lovely in this one and yet the bad luck keeps on coming. Like (to quote Biffy Clyro) I'm caught in a shit tide.

It all started when I discovered that some horrid person had taken just over 300 quid from my bank account. A bank account that was already overdrawn and made more so by this person, whoever they may be. My card wasn't stolen so my card details must have been accessed in some other way. I'm still waiting for my bank to credit my account with this money. I chased them up early last week and they sugested I wait a little longer! Yeah don't worry about me, it's just my money that's been stolen from your bank. I'd be better off stuffing it in mattress and paying for everything by cash.

The next piece of bad luck was receiving a phone bill of just over 500 quid. Yes you read that correctly! My mobile phone contract is with orange but they can rest assured that when this contract ends, I will be moving elsewhere. Upon checking my orange phone bill, all calls belonged to me (oh bum). I'd been using my phone quite a bit to ring my boyfriend Mark, my mate Gemma and a guy I briefly spent some time with prior to Mark. There were some long phone calls to other networks but surely their calls charges are excessive. I should have been vigilant, should have monitored my call usage but even so! Initially I queried the charges and requested a direct debit indemnity with the bank. The bank agreed. I have since discovered, following numerous phone calls to the bank and orange that the direct debit indemnity did not go through. The upshot of this is that orange still have the money. They tell me that a cheque has been raised for my bank but there is a problem with their cheque signing machine, so the cheque hasnt yet been sent (do you smell bullshit because I sure as hell do). Orange still want me to pay this phone bill, even though they already have the money! The icing on the shit cake is that my orange phone has stopped working. The sim wont register in my phone. So I have two phone bills of astronomical proportions for a phone that I can't use.

Another item to add to the bad luck list is swine flu. I had it or rather was deemed to have had it a few weeks ago. I wasn't swabbed but my symptoms matched the list. I was prescribed tamiflu and quarantined. It wasn't fun but I can honestly say that it wasn't a bad as media would have you believe. I thought that it was only possible to get a particular flu once. Yet for the last two days I have had almost exactly the same symptoms as I had before. Perhaps slightly milder and not quite for as long but otherwise the same. I was even sick a few times yesterday (at my boyfriends house again but this time I made it to the bathroom). Today, I felt somewhat better. My appetite returned and I thought mmmm treat myself to a nice fairtrade chocolate bar. About two pieces in, I thought this tastes odd. I checked the best before date - 7 months beyond it! So now I feel sick again. Wonderful.

About half way through writing this blog, my laptop crashed. No reason, fully charged, just a random switch off. Luckily blogger autosaves quite frequently. To what extent I can call that good luck, amongst all the bad luck, I'm unsure but never mind.

I must be due a truck load of good luck. Watch this space.....


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  1. Oh No! Can't believe you've been ill again! Your good luck is right around the corner, I promise!!


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