Saturday, 22 August 2009

Theme tunes

I had a bit of a listen to Barry White today. 'Your the first, the last, my everything' and his cover of Billy Joel's 'Just the way you are'. Good times, good tunes.

'Just the way you are' is my theme tune. If you've ever watched Ally Mcbeal, you'll be familiar with the idea of having a theme tune. However, if you're unfamiliar, I'll enlighten you (ahem) ;-). When Ally was in therapy, she was told by the character played (strangely enough) by Tracy Ullman to get herself a theme tune. A song that Ally would hear in her mind whenever she needed a boost (which, for the neurotic, elfin-like lawyer, was pretty often!). The song picked by Ally was 'I know something about love'. Good choice. Yet, probably the more familiar theme tune was the tune belonging to the character John Cage - Barry White's 'Your the first, the last, my everything'. Indeed, Barry White featured heavily in the series. A motivational muse for John Cage. It probably sounds a little strange that I have a theme tune, although if you know me, it probably sounds completely 'normal'. It's actually very helpful to sing an uplifting song in your minds voice or out loud (as appropriate). My theme tune serves to remind me that I should be happy with the person I am.

Get yourself a theme tune. It will be one of the most emotionally motivational decisions you'll ever make!

You know it makes sense, cushty.


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