Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Mmmm chocolate

I LOVE CHOCOLATE, this statement needs capitalisation. So great is my love for chocolate, that I have to exercise iron-will to prevent myself from eating it many, many times a day. I have brief periods of chocolate absence, these usually occur when I notice that my waistline has grown beyond acceptable levels. I love the way it melts in your mouth, the way it smells, the shiny wrappers, the sweetness oooh the sweetness. I particular love the way it prevents me during times of PMT from hiring a gun and shooting anyone that bumps into me, talks too loudly, walks too slowly in front of me etc etc. Chocolate is my weapon during these PMT'd moments. Yet it does very little to help me towards a body of slimness. Why haven't special scientist type people come up with calorie, fat free chocolate? That would be wonderful. I would be prepared to accept some loss of flavour for the greater health good. I write this whilst eating chocolate. Well, I nibble in between keyboard clicking. I say again, mmmm chocolate. I sound like Homer and indeed will start to look like him soon (not the yellow, constant stuble element). I need to find a way to reduce my chocolate intake. Any suggestions? Going cold turkey is not a favourable option.



  1. I'm going to cadbury world on friday ... mmmmm, choclate, I hear everything there is made of chocolate, or at least that's what I'm hoping. I imagine walking round and breaking off pieces of the chocolate walls to eat while I walk...

  2. Oooooh, yum! I bet you can do that...


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