Saturday, 24 January 2015


I could pretend to be all 10cc or Jennifer Paige. Yet it would be just that, a pretence. In reality I'm Sinead O'Connor or Bryan Adams.

10cc: I'm not in love
Jennifer Paige: Crush
These songs don't apply.

Sinead O'Connor: Nothing compares to you
Bryan Adams: When you're gone
These songs apply.

This is my blog, it describes my feelings. The person I'm writing about won't read these words. At least, this is my assumption.

I'm unhappy that we are not together. It isn't what I want. I miss you more this day than weeks ago.

I tend to be poetic. Some might deem me overly dramatic in my approach. Yet we must be who we are. I like the person that I am. I cannot censor myself. And I won't. I've been described as intense and crazy. Essentially, these descriptions are accurate. I'm a lovely kind of crazy-intense.

These words are mostly for me. If the person I recently fell in love with reads them, then he'll know exactly how I feel.  This is my truth.


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