Saturday, 31 January 2015

Hope and love

I believe that love is a magical thing.  It might be love for parents, for a partner, for children, for friends, for pets, for anyone or anything.  I believe that we should allow ourselves to be open to love.  We may fall, we may struggle.  To love is to leave ourselves open to great sadness but to love is also the way to the greatest of happiness.  Romantic love and the love a parent has for their child is perhaps the greatness of loves.

I would walk a million miles to be with my daughter.  I truly would.  I would do the same for a soulmate.

I feel proud that despite recent personal issues, I continue to live my life with an open heart.  I recently fell in love and I'm glad that I did.

Be open to love.  Never close yourself off in fear.  No great story ever began through fear.  Great stories begin through love.


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