Sunday, 25 January 2015

Rock n roll sarcastic

You know you're down with the kids when you rock out with The Zingzillas first thing on a Sunday morning. We are soooooo rock n roll in our house. Awake before 7am. Awake before 6.15am yesterday. Rock the heck on. Apparently, my toddler is unaware of my 'no early mornings' rule. She didn't get the memo. Moreover, she can't read.

Interestingly I do late nights but not if those late nights include being ripped out of slumber by a child singing nursery rhymes. Like something out of a horror movie, that happened last night. Luckily it wasn't a BEK, it was my daughter, singing in her sleep. It would have been cute, once id recovered from the terror, if it wasn't for the god damn poor timing.

My words are largely jest rather than complaint. My daughter is very cute and worth the effort. I still get the occasional lie in and I have the power to erm go to bed really early.

As I say, rock the heck on!

Only for the hardcore UK ravers. (It's taken 5 attempts to write ravers, the tablet kept autocorrecting to rivers - hardcore UK rivers, mmmmm, no).

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