Saturday, 17 January 2015

Sad but true

Yesterday evening, whilst chatting to my friend Laura over wines, I had a terrible realisation.  I realised that if Mr Benedict Cumberbatch became romantically available to me, I'd actually turn him down.  TURN HIM DOWN!  I'd turn Benedict Cumberbatch down, the man who occupies the top spot in my hot famous people list.  I'd turn him down, not because he is in engaged and soon to be a father, valid reasons though they be, I'd turn Benedict down because I just want my boyfriend back.

My now ex-boyfriend used to joke that if Benedict came looking for me, that I'd make a swift sharp exit from our relationship.  I said that I wouldn't.  Turns out, I still wouldn't choose Benedict.  

As the mighty Metallica once said, tis "sad but true".


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