Friday, 16 January 2015

I miss you

I miss you.  I keep recalling our last few hours together and it makes me so sad.  It makes me sad that I'll never see you again.  It makes me sad that those last few moments in bed, were, in fact our last ever moments in bed.  It makes me sad that when I leaned in to kiss you goodbye, that I was, unbeknown to me, kissing you goodbye forever.  

I miss your presence in a room.  I miss the speed of your stride.  I miss your tone of voice and your total lack of accent.  I miss the way you use good grammar mixed with modern slang.  I miss your jokey messages.  I miss you calling me silly.  I miss the blueness of your eyes.  I miss your hand upon my knee.  I miss the passion you have for your interests. I miss the charismatic way you describe things.  I always thought you wonderful but you never really believed me. 



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