Saturday, 17 January 2015

Old skool

Back in the day, as we old skool ravers tend to say, I did some crazy things.  Some of the things were darned right risky but many were rather fun or, at the very least, erm memorable.

Today, as I walked through Morrison's car park, I saw a man asleep in his car.  He hadn't just nodded off, he had an actual cushion against the window and, as far as I could tell, he wasn't just snoozing, he was totally out for the count.  This reminded me of a time when I decided to sleep in my friends car, following a rather lengthy and epic session at Bowlers.  I always reach a point in the night, where bed beckons and often this is long before the party has ended.  If there is no bed, a sofa will do, or, as in this case, the backseat of a friend's car.

I recall that I headed off to the car to get my snooze on. I clambered ungracefully onto the backseat and rested my head.  A few moments later, I was dragged back to full wakefulness by the antics inside the car parked in front.  A man was bouncing around on the backseat.  To all intents and purposes, he appeared to be dancing in an extremely awkward fashion.  Like he was having some kind of fit to music.  I say music, but there wasn't any.  Any music he heard was playing inside his head.  Not only was he dancing without music, he was also in the horizontal position.  I watched and worried and I really hoped he stayed inside his car  At irregular intervals various body parts jerked about, totally devoid of any rhythm. One minute his back would arch, the next is leg would be up, sometimes it looked like he was trying to scratch the back of his neck with his leg and all the while, he was kind of smiling.  The kind-of-smile thing was the most worrying.  I can only assume he'd taken a large cocktail of crazy substances, to move like that and smile whilst doing it.

The weird, horizontal dancing went on for some time.  Sometimes it stopped for a moment or two then he'd start again.  Eventually I think he fell asleep. Though he may have passed out.  I awoke some time later to the terrifying sound of banging on the car window.  I thought that crazy-car-dance guy had fought his way out of his car and was attempting to fight his way into mine.  He wasn't.  My friends had returned and they thought it would be amusing to wake me up with window banging.   

Interestingly, I can remember very little about my time in Bowlers.  Some nights are like that.  That said, I suspect that weird car-dance guy rather overshadowed other memories from the evening.  


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