Monday, 29 June 2009

Surrender and release

I read oracle cards. They are a little like Tarot but work more on the basis of positive affirmations. They are generally easier to interpret than Tarot cards. I find that which ever outcome you receive, the message is always positive or encourages you to reflect on some unhelpful aspect of your life. It’s not possible to get a negative result. Coincidence or communication with the divine, I find them helpful.

I received the following card today:
‘Surrender and release’

I find that I often hang on to troubling aspects of my life. I get so lost in the perceived problem that I become unable to let go of it. In general terms, it is much better to let the idea of a problem go. Often aspects of our lives that seem problem-like are just our mind’s way of translating something into a problem. There are many examples of this:
The alleged large bum gets larger, the more we think it to be large
People like us less, when we believe that they do
We lack confidence, when we tell ourselves so
We hate our job, when we believe there is something to hate

The above are examples of perceived problems. Indeed, we could say that that all in life is really just perception. Our conscious and sub-conscious mind making sense of the external world. Taking the world out there and mediating experience of it through interplay between the conscious and sub-conscious mind. That is not to say that bad things don’t happen to people, of course they do. Sadly they do. I just believe that many problems are self-constructed and therefore can be self-deconstructed. Indeed, if we accept that something has been generated by us then we have to accept that we can easily destroy it. The two are co-dependent.

My angel card suggested that I surrender aspects of my life that appear troubling. My interpretation of this card is to cease to see these aspects as problematic. To instead, see them from a more neural mindset and then to allow the problems to float away. The advice on the card encourages the reader not to try to control the outcome of the problem and instead to let it go. Once we have let it go, then the problem has gone. It may sound difficult and indeed it takes practice but if we are largely the lived experience of our own thoughts then we must be able to remove problemed aspects from our lives.

You don’t have to believe in God or Angels to release unhelpful thinking processes; you just have to believe in yourself and allow the problem to evolve into nothingness. It’s work in progress for me, I don’t naturally release all self-generated problems. I have to remind myself to do so. Yet even the learning process is worthwhile.



  1. Good advice indeed... I'm naturally a problem-release kinda girl anyway--people get too hung up on things that just aren't important in life, not in the grand scheme of things, and that's where you need to focus your energies... Can you do oracle cards for others? If so, can you do one for me? xxx Helena

  2. I can hon but would need to be with you - you can do then online tho, tis easy. We can do a tarot oracle swap when we get together. xx


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