Friday, 12 June 2009

Avoiding the polymorph

The Polymorph could have had a veritable feast on my emotions earlier today. I found myself wondering where I was going and whether I had any control of the direction. I became lost in thoughts of destiny versus luck and didn’t feel a connection with either of them.

After wallowing in the mud of self-pity for a time, I took affirmative action. I spoke to my mum and my sister. I watched a brilliant episode of Red Dwarf. Then, post-chats and post-crazy Sci-fi comedy, I felt much better. This emotional turnaround is, in no small part due The Cat’s wonderful statement, as he swept majestically into the episode – “mmm something smells good, what is it, it’s me, I love this aftershave”! :-)

I guess wondering about direction and fate is okay but it’s much better to grasp each moment by the hand and really connect with life. In keeping with this concept, I have a plan. Not a grand plan but an important one. After doing some of the things that I need to do, I’m going to do something that I want to do. I will walk into my front room, place the Duke Pandemonium CD into the stereo, press play and crank up the volume. Following this, I will dance around the room for the duration of the album. I will dance with no regard to style or beauty. I will not care how ridiculous I look because no one will be watching. This, I anticipate, will be most enjoyable.

If a little melancholy happens to pass my way again – I will remember The Cat, I will avoid the Polymorph and I will embrace the master of mayhem that is Marmaduke duke. I will also, of course, talk to the people that I love and am extremely fortunate to know.


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