Thursday, 18 June 2009

Keep on dukeing

I’ve written about this before but wanted to say some more about Duke Pandemonium by Marmaduke duke…..

I’ve been singing Silhouettes in the shower for days now (not that I’ve spent days in the shower you understand, I don’t desire to be that clean – it’s just that every time I feel a shower singathon coming on, Silhouettes emerges as the bathroom concert highlight). I love that the track is slightly poppy yet still seems to retain a rock edge. The lyrics are quite beautiful. Musically I find some Johnny Marr influences (indeed there appears to be Marr influence on a few of the album tracks). I’m unsure whether this was the intention of the Dragon and the Atmosphere (the two artists that together comprise of Marmaduke duke) but you can hear those Marr style haunting guitar riffs which sound as if they are being played using a capo. I’m no guitarist so I don’t know how the sound is arrived at but I do know that I’ll never tire of hearing it.

Jumping to the final track on Duke Pandemonium which manages to leave me with equal parts of freaked out and funked up. I’ve mentioned its samba beat before – this makes the song feel upbeat. Dragon’s vocals combined with roughly 80% of the lyrics create a track that is quite reflective. Throughout the track you hear Atmosphere repeatedly singing “tie up the winners of the world tonight and skin the mother f*ckers alive” and “skin the mother f*ckers alive”. It’s quite terrifying. All these elements combined create the freaked funked feeling.

Moving onto a track called Demon - which I have fallen in love with. I believe it to be the longest on the album (it lasts for roughly 7 minutes). The mainstay of the vocals are provided by Big Slice (Mickey Logg) – a former Sucioperro band member (Dragon’s other and in a sense main band). I love Big Slice’s vocal style on this track. It has a country music feel to it somehow. It appears that the song is about the demon weed (or cannabis for those that require further explanation). I appreciate the attraction to it but it’s never been my preferred method of escapism. I really love the ambient style music in the latter part of the track. It seems to describe the sensation of aforementioned drug quite well. That sort of surreal-floaty feeling that the demon weed can generate is clearly portrayed through this stage of the music.

There are further magnificent tracks to describe but I will leave those until another day, another blog.

Oh and if you wonder what on earth I’m writing about, check out Marmaduke duke's Duke Pandemonium – it is available at many shops and sites of the musical selling variety.


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