Thursday, 18 June 2009

Follow the white rabbit

Today, I thought back to the scene in The Matrix – where Neo receives a message on his computer screen from Trinity, telling him to follow the white rabbit. I wondered, as indeed many will have wondered before me - why on earth does he just press the escape key as a means to remove the message? It is his only course of action. He doesn’t even attempt the ‘ctrl, alt and delete’ technique – what sort of hacker doesn’t press ‘ctrl, alt and delete’. Okay, okay – so he wasn’t using Windows. Even so, you’d assume that an accomplished hacker would have had a few more tech-tricks up his sleeve than pressing the escape key! He even pressed escape more than once – as if repetition would achieve the desired outcome! The definition of insanity – doing exactly the same thing as before and expecting a different result. A beautiful but very silly Neo. Bloody marvellous film though and Neo is a man made of dreams, the sort of dream that distracts you from important things like breathing rather than panting helplessly. I’d be the first to admit that I paused and continually rewound the scene where Neo falls down a shoot, as he is liberated from the Matrix. Sadly, he wasn’t completely naked - he was wearing some material which covered up his pelvic region. I recall that my sister and I were very disappointed to find pelvic coverage but it didn’t stop numerous rewind pause activities (insanity plead – see my earlier point). Oh if only we’d had a zoom button. Outrageous behaviour I hear you cry and you’re quite right. It was terrible to objectify Keanu Reeves so. It was terrible but definitely most enjoyable. ;-)

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