Saturday, 20 June 2009

Dreams don’t get much hotter than this

Silhouettes – Marmaduke duke
Je suis un funky homme - Marmaduke duke
Hate filters – Sucioperro
I have reached my limit – Sucioperro
The drop – Sucioperro
The ruins – Sucioperro
Wave upon wave upon wave – Biffy clyro
57 – Biffy clyro
Glitter and trauma – Biffy clyro
Dead leaf echo – Sucioperro
A conspiracy and a devil – Marmaduke duke
Bodies in flight – Biffy clyro
Erotic robotic – Marmaduke duke
Joy.Discovery.Invention – Biffy clyro
Grace and out of me – Sucioperro
Machines – Biffy clyro

Without question, it would be dreamy in that ‘smile all over’ kind of a way, to be part of an audience that listened, bounced and screamed to the above three bands in one standing. If the songs I’ve listed were played, then, for me, the dream would be of the big O variety. Of course there are many other songs that I could have picked. It was challenging to arrive at the above list. I thought of ‘Only one word comes to mind’, ‘The altruist’, ‘The false and the cinematic’, ‘Demon’, ‘Random acts of intimacy’, ‘27’, ‘Folding stars’, ‘Christopher’s river’, ‘The kiss and the consonant’, ‘The human and the jigsaw’, ‘The dissident code’ and many, many others. Fortunately, Sucioperro, Biffy clyro and Marmaduke duke are incredibly prolific – they produce song after song that leaves you with a sense of ‘bloody hell that was AMAZING’.

In reality, it is perhaps unlikely for the above three bands to ever play a collective gig. For those that know their music, the reason for this is obvious. However, I do find myself wondering at the logistics of such an operation. If Goose and Ben didn’t drum on all duke songs…if Spider and James took it in turns to play bass for the duke….if Dragon and Atmosphere alternated keyboard / guitar playing between them when dukeing….if the more acoustic songs were played towards the end... if they all slept lots before, even more so after and perhaps drank vast quantities of red bull during….if they mixed it up so you got a little Duke, a little Biffy and a little Sucio then repeated the format. It really could happen. Configurations aside - this brand of threesome would be extremely tiring for all on stage. It would also be rather tiring for the voyeur but oooh so worth it.

Am I living in cloud crazy land – almost certainly but this gig would be truly, achingly, fantastically beautiful. If it ever happens - I’ll be at the side-front, away from the mayhem of the mosh-pit (my foot in face days are over). I’ll sing-shout as I’ve never done so before. I’ll jump around until my feet have no feeling. I’ll wave my arms in the air until they ache. I’ll point, shake and waggle like I mean it (see I’ll throw my bottom covering underwear onto the stage, after removing myself from the wearing of them (no prizes for guessing who I’ll aim said knickers at). I’ll spontaneously combust with over-excitement, a small price to pay (as long as it happens post-gig). The two final points are probably exaggeration. ;-)

I have my fingers and toes crossed in hope. In the meantime, I shall look forward to Biffy clyro at Nottingham Rock City, contemplate whether I can add a third Sucioperro gig to this year’s list and reflect on the recent wonderment of Marmaduke duke at the Manchester Deaf Institute.

Duke, biff and sooch like you mean it.


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