Friday, 29 May 2009

Pointing and shaking

My ex father-in-law made a very humorous comment some months ago. He’d been to a gig with friends (though he may have called it a concert, it’s an age-gap thing). He described the evening with enthusiasm. He has a way of story telling that makes you wish you’d been there. He wonderfully said, and I quote “there were lots of people there, pointing and shaking”. Pointing and shaking?! I repeat - pointing and shaking?! It conjured up this fantastic image of numerous rock fans, waggling their fingers from side to side and shaking their body’s in a random manner. Further explanation highlighted that he was referring to the kind of rhythmic nodding and hand-in-the-air pointing that you see at some gigs. In truth we already knew what he meant but we just couldn’t shake the image of helpless rockers shaking all over without any regard to the music.

As a result, I intend to point and shake my way through 2 Many DJ’s at Manchester Academy. I’m already excited and such is my excitement that I may get some practice in beforehand…….

Point, waggle and shake like you mean it. ;-)

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