Monday, 25 May 2009


If I pretend my essay is a blog, will it become more fun to write? What are the possible risks of just writing from memory and not researching any course materials? It may lead to a lower marks and quite possibly a fail but it would be over. The wrong attitude to take probably. I've always been a good student but I seem to have lost my study vibe. Lost somewhere in life, fun, friends, socialising, facebook, twitter, bebo, the Sucioperro forum and blogging. I have replaced studying with networking. Maybe I could write an essay on networking. It wouldnt answer the essay question at hand but I could write it all from memory. I've a feeling my tutor would probably notice. Maybe if I stop going to work because that inconveniently prevents me from spending all my time networking, I mean erm studying. Right then essay, watch out because I'm going to wrestle you to your bitter end. Are you ready fingers, start typing. Right then. Onwards.....erm....oh sod it, I could put Bones on instead.


  1. I'm still trying to write the darn thing. A paragraph written in over 4 hours. Progress is slow but it's still progress.

  2. write a structure, get your tutor to check it, then take each paragraph at a time. Give yourself a target of words, and plenty of time - in fact the most time - for rewriting and editing.


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