Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Computer frustrations

Most frustrating is the pc and the laptop. My laptop takes longer to warm up than someone preparing for the marathon. Trying to click on a profile on facebook took approximately 5 minutes today. In the end I closed facebook. I find myself thinking - is my laptop, unbeknown to me, involved in some vast supercomputer processing activity - perhaps something really complex like ascertaining the meaning of life. Is this why anything I do takes so bloody long. Whilst I am simply trying to open word, my laptop is communicating with millions of other laptops on the theory of relativity. Or is it simply that Microsoft products were designed to annoy and frustrate you. Certainly they were designed to be just annoying enough to suggest that the bigger, better, latest version of Windows will be the answer to all your processing dreams. Of course when you obtain the new version, you realise that it's actually more annoying that it's predecessor. The layout has changed, things that worked well on the older version have been altered beyond recognition. It becomes your processing nightmare. Deep sigh. I am now going to attempt to access facebook again, this I hope will be a seamless activity. Following on from this, I will attempt to get somewhere close to finishing my essay. Procrastination must end.

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