Thursday, 28 May 2009

Rollers and friendship

I had a beautiful message from my close friend today. It’s wonderful to know people that remind you of the important things in life. I read her message and counted my many blessings. We share a crazy sense of humour, one that many people simply don’t understand. I commented to her yesterday, that I sometimes feel we speak in a kind of code – rambling statements that hold timeless meaning for us and few others.

Her message made comment on my ‘There is light’ blog, where I take the ‘painting the town red’ metaphor and extend it. In an earlier message, I’d offered her a special brush so that she could accompany me on my evening of mayhem, she responded “a special brush, I want a fooking roller”. If you find this statement as funny as I did, you’re welcome to join our celebration of crazy.

This is the blog she referred to


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