Sunday, 17 May 2009


The duke has arrived. Yesterday I received my long-awaited second instalment in the life and times of the duke. For those that don’t know (but you really should) – Marmaduke duke is a partnership between JP Reid from Sucioperro and Simon Neil from Biffy Clyro. Called a side project by some, though I would not classify the duke in this way because to do so almost marginalises the collaborative creative genius of JP and Simon. Marmaduke duke, in my opinion, is not secondary in status to either Sucio or Biffy, it stands in equal worthiness to both. The album is an epic achievement. It has been described as dirty pop, europop and dance – whatever description you choose, each song is outstanding. Pulsating beats, catchy lyrics, riproaring vocals (just invented an adjective there, I think), funky guitars, mesmerising keyboards and so it goes on. As you can probably tell, I’m impressed. It’s always difficult pick favourites and perhaps it’s not necessary to do so but none-the-less Silhouettes, Erotic Robotic, Je suis un Funky Homme and Demon stand out. Rubber lover from the same album has achieved justifiably notable chart success. Furthermore, Silhouettes is permanently imprinted in my mind – I can’t stop singing it. An example beautiful lyric from the song is “with silhouettes in summer showers that shine like you do”. And linked to the lyric, which is probably describing a great person – the word ‘shine’ is a good way to describe Silhouettes because shine it does. Skin the Mofo is as terrifying as it is brilliant. There is something utterly strange about a samba beat combined with the chant “skin the motherfucker alive”. It works though, I’m just not sure why.

I loved the first Marmaduke duke album - The Magnificent Duke, after listening to it many times. I loved Duke Pandemonium after hearing it once. Like your first love and the best one-night stand you’ve ever had, you think of them often – they never truly leave you. Magnificent duke I liken to my first love, after a period effort you realise you’re head over heels and Duke Pandemonium I liken to my best one-night stand, after only moments you’re as high as a kite. Though in terms of listening both will be with me for ever. I would say it’s pure genius but it’s probably more appropriate to say impure genius (if you wonder why, go and buy both albums and you’ll find out!). xx

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