Monday, 25 May 2009

Kaleidoscope angel

I rediscovered 'Kelis' Kaleidoscope' and 'Faith No More's Angel Dust' this weekend. The rediscovery of 'Keleidoscope' was better than the first time. It's a really good album. It caught me by surprise somewhat. I'd put the CD on because I wanted to hear a female vocalist and felt that the track 'Good Stuff' was necessary to improve my mood. Also, I find that music makes housework pass more quickly and pleasantly. It was good a choice and provided the mood enhancement I anticipated. I was particularly taken aback by 'Get along with you', 'Suspended', 'I want your love' and 'No turning back'. How on earth had I let this album gather dust for so long?

Speaking of dust, I focus on 'Angel Dust'. I heard the album by chance late on Saturday night. It brought back some good memories. It was a pleasant surprise because I used to practically pray at the church of 'Faith No More'. I had 'The Real Thing' on tape (yes tape). I bought it again on CD a few years back. An old boyfriend had 'Angel Dust' on tape (yes tape) so I didnt get round to buying it (I was poor so it was more cost effective to listen to his copy). We listened to them in his Fiat Uno, along with 'The Red Hot Chilli Peppers' and 'Metallica'. I'm glad that 'Faith No More' have reformed and will be reintroducing them into my music life on a long-term basis.

Thank you 'Kelis' for your mood altering / housework passing songs and thank you 'Faith No More' for enhancing what was already a very enjoyable Saturday evening.


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