Monday, 22 June 2009

We are told that God is omnipresent – so is The Internet. Coincidence? Are God and the Internet one in the same thing? God has a website – I’ve seen billboard adverts for it (see blog title). Think I’ll send him / her / non-gender specific entity an email and ask “God are you the Internet or is just striking coincidence that you both happen to be ubiquitous?” Maybe I should ring 118118 – you can ask them anything. The advert clearly identifies that you can ask them anything. It’s funny because the advert implies 118118 will know the answer to any question. You can ask me anything but it’s unlikely that I’ll know the answer. The Internet knows everything. This brings me back to the argument – are God and the Internet synonymous? Is all knowledge absolute? Google tells me that it is. Think of a question, Google the answer. Google was once just a simple noun, now it has become a verb. Is Google the gateway to God? Rather than pearly gates, we have an ever-changing range of eye-catching designs based around the word Google. The meaning of life probably is 42. Think I’ll tag that onto the end of my email to God / the Internet….

Watch this space for more. Although because of God’s omnipresent nature, the answers may appear on a chair one day. Indeed they may appear on a virtual chair in cyberspace. Google and 118118 already know the answers.

If this blog disappears, God has probably removed it.

The tone of this blog is non-literal.

Thank you.

(This blog was inspired by the words of JP Reid of Sucioperro and Marmaduke duke).


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