Sunday, 29 March 2015

Let them eat cake (a lot)

Can they just remove the calories from chocolate?  Whoever 'they' are.  Surely this must be possible.  And cake.  Remove the calories from cake.  Diet cake.  Cake that actually burns calories. I'd exercise as well. I'd eat my calorie burning cake, then have a little rest, then exercise.  The problem is with lettuce, is that it actually tastes like lettuce. If it tasted like erm cheese or something, it would be yummy.  I'd eat a lot of lettuce if it tasted like cheese.  Basically, lettuce tastes like water.  Solid water but not ice. Ice is nice.  Lettuce probably isn't even healthy. Erm.     

Ramble over.   I'll return to my calorie laden chocolate. 


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