Thursday, 12 March 2015

Dating humour

Dating site messages enmeshed in unintentional humour:

"We could talk on the phone then arrange to meet in the presence of your parents with a view to marriage".  - Erm no, just no.  What? 

"The next time I'm free, you could cook for me and we could go for a walk" - What about my availability, what about you cook for me, what about you make a damn effort.

"Nice profile picture Steve".  - Thank you. How kind. But you appear to be confusing me with someone called Steve.  Use a comma in the appropriate places.

"Do you fancy a 3sum". - No, thank you very much, I do not.

".........Would you like to know what I think??".  - Well possibly but appertaining to what?  Just every thought that enters your mind or are we talking specific subject areas.  Vague. Very very vague.

"If I had written down someone who I'd like to get to know you'd make a close fit". - So in other words I'm almost there but not quite. Fabulous.  I'm in. Where do I sign?

"Hey I like your pictures :) let's go on a datee".  - The extra 'e' was in the actual message.  I think we might need a little more than liking pictures before go on a date.  Anyway, you are 20 years old and are unable to spell the word date.
It isn't all doom and gloom. I have met some cool people on dating sites. :)

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