Tuesday, 14 March 2017

The chase?

I have written, and yes, occasionally ranted about the dating etiquette that promotes the traditional gender roles of hard to get.  I've even suggested that maybe I need to play by the so called rules, even though I think them utterly ridiculous.

I cannot comprehend why I ever suggested anything of the sort. I want a partner not a saviour. I'd like to start with balance and improve upon it. How can I do that if I'm playing the role of the feeble female? If I wait passively for someone to snap me up, I'm essentially contributing to patriarchy.

If I'm interested in someone, I'll send them a clear sign such as 'hey, would you like to go out sometime'. If the question itself puts them off, then I too am put off because they are not the sort of person I want to invest in.

I won't settle. I will wait but my waiting will be active not passive. Brace yourself unicorn-Starlord-Deadpool because I'm feeling confident. ;-)

PS. You know when you have one of those ephinany style moments? Well this is one. There are many things that one can and perhaps should compromise on (the ideal height for example). Yet one should never compromise on the self.


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