Wednesday, 1 March 2017

A springy step

Today I feel ready to step forward rather than back. Perhaps it's because Spring is approaching or maybe the beginning of a new month is generating a sense of excitement.

I recall reading on t'internet that something cosmic is afoot. It may have been a spiritual alignment of some kind which enables new beginnings. Certainly Spring has long been associated with new life and growth. After the barren landscapes of Winter, Spring places a lot of green into the world. In fact it’s well known for this green making phenomena, which is commonly referred to as flowers and shit.

Coincidentally, or perhaps connectedly, I've recently exorcised one or two personal demons and transformed some loose ends into tidy knots. Furthermore, (brace yessens), I have an overwhelming desire to clean things, which, in itself, must signify something massive. (Note, this is an exaggeration, it's more a sort of low-level desire which could easily be overtaken by a need to sit down a lot).

I do feel inexplicably fresh and clean, much like an OutKast tune. Give me a minute and I'll be shaking my posterior like a Polaroid picture. This may be a step too far, it's certainly way too much for the people standing behind me, ahem, nevertheless, I do believe that I've underlined my point.

Whatever is in the air, it might buggar off as quickly as it arrived, thus I'd better commence operation get fit, new job, personal development etc without hesitation.

See you on the other side…..


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