Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Dreams can come true

Last night I dreamt I was sorting through clothes, putting them into piles and hanging them up. My dream-life used to be exciting – I used to dream about other-worldly places, being on a stage, watching bands play, golden beaches, forests and other interesting things. Now I dream of washing, cleaning and tidying. How did it come to this? Perhaps dreaming of domesticity means something wonderful in relation to your waking life – according to the online dream dictionary, to dream of housework denotes: “that you are making changes in your lifestyle and the way you are living. You are doing away with your old ways and habits and starting anew. Alternatively, the dream may just be a reflection of the monotony of your daily life. Do something adventurous”.

The interpretation started off so well then slipped into utter crappiness with the second possibility! *The dream dictionary thinks* my life is monotonous (see below)! Looks like I better organise that Everest attempt asap. If you know me, you’ll know that was jest not intention. I have spent quite a large amount of time recently drowning in a sea of domestic activity. When you spend about 70% of the week in a house that hasn’t had a washing machine for months, the washing piles up to dramatic and terrifying proportions. This coupled with the fact that my lovely boyfriend appears to own more clothes than Imelda Marcos has shoes, has lead to something of a clotheswashathon, headed up by yours truly. Mark has done some washing too but sadly his forays into the washing pile have mainly been limited to adding more clothes to the pile rather than reducing said pile through washing machine usage. Although, in his defence, and like many men, he does wear dirty clothes in order to help with the washing, at least I think that’s the reason he wears dirty clothes. Hmmm. He has been doing more around the house though and is trying to invest time and effort into promoting his web design business so I can’t complain.

I find that I wish for a fine day – a bright, sunny but windy day – the kind of day that is custom-made for drying clothes on a line. Oh when did it come to this? When did I arrive at a time when I wish for fine weather so that I can dry clothes? I used to hear women talk about the weather, how they wanted the rain to stop so that they could get mountains of washing dry. I used to feel unattached from such thoughts, choosing instead to daydream about interesting things. I couldn’t have cared less about what type of weather we were experiencing. I pitied these women, I’m ashamed to say. Now I’m one of them. Sadly most of the men that I know still manage to avoid domestic routines, particularly those men with female partners, even when their partners work, have children and generally are bloody superwomen – outrageous but none-the-less fact. Back to the washing - you can dry indoors, you can use a dryer (horrible, energy-consuming machines but they do work), radiators can be covered with clothes or as in our case, every available surface that is vaguely suitable for clothes drying can be covered, constantly in clothes. If I could dry outside – the clothes would dry quickly, smell fresher and the house wouldn’t look like launderette. If it were possible to wish on a star, other than wishing to end poverty, war and generally make the world wonderful all over, for myself I would wish for clothes drying weather. Sad but true.

Think I’m going to head over to and put in my weather order in (see God blog for more on this).

*PS. I should point that the dream dictionary does not, in fact, think. Whoever wrote the dream dictionary in question is responsible for the thinking. The dream dictionary is not in itself capable of thinking unless we have strayed into the realms of AI, in which case, the dream dictionary was probably taking the piss.*


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