Monday, 23 November 2009


I'm still trying to buy ethical as much as possible and thus far all my Xmas present and upcoming birthday gifts have been from charity shops except one gift for my nephew. I've commented to various friends, that it appears as though the fates are conspiring to help me obtain perfect gifts for the people I love. Each time I visit a charity shop, I leave not much lighter of pocket and laden with items that are ideal. You would, perhaps, assume that given the nature of charity shops, buying perfect gifts would not be so easy. I have entered a shop thinking I would like a biography for my mum, of someone she admires, I find a Judi Dench biography. I want some bath bombs for my sister and find some easily. My parents enjoy jigsaws, my dad has an interest in planes and I find a jigsaw of a cockpit. The list goes on. Incredible. So I'm working on a theory that the fates, karma or some other happy force are somehow placing these perfect gifts in my path to support and encourage continued ethical shopping. Perhaps I'm mad (there are those that would wholeheartedly confirm that I am) but I think that there may be something in it.

I suggest that anyone who reads my blog (which may not be anyone other than Mark and Sam but hey ho) goes out and tests my theory. Lets perpetuate this happiness.


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