Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Separated at birth?

JP Reid from Sucioperro, Marmaduke duke and actor Craig Kelly look remarkably alike. If that wasn’t uncanny enough, Craig’s mum is Scottish. JP Reid is Scottish. Not only that but Craig Kelly and Flavia Cacace recently danced for Strictly Come Dancing at The Tower Ballroom and their song choice was Easy Lover by Phil Collins. Sucioperro's new t.shirt design depicts a picture of Phil Collins! Strange connections.

Sadly, Craig Kelly was knocked out of the Strictly competition after appearing at The Tower Ballroom erm essentially because he erm wasn't very good. Bless him. I wonder if JP Reid could have done a better job. I have feeling that he probably could have done, even without the weeks of training and with his guitar in hand. Poor Craig, great actor though.

See below:

Click on the picture for closer inspection. JP Reid, for those that don't know, is stage right.

Click on the picture for closer inspection. JP Reid is stage...oh sorry my mistake this one is Craig Kelly. Ahem ;-). Look at those studs, has he been stapled to the fence? Painful.

Anyway, after that shocking and interesting revelation, I'm off to get a life!


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