Sunday, 22 November 2009


Good news abound. Mark and I will be visiting Glasgow in December. We will be staying with my lovely friend James and meeting up with some friends of Mark’s. In addition to this plethora of excitement, we will be watching my favourite band, Sucioperro! Sucio will be playing at King Tuts, the venue of venues. I have wanted to see them there for some time now but as a non-Scottish person, this has posed something of a challenge. So I can finally say that my desire to see Sucioperro amongst the home crowd of Scottish fans will soon occur. Further excitement arrives in the form of an acoustic Sucioperro set at Avalanche records. This, for me, is especially lovely because I have been told that Sucio will be playing The Ruins, I repeat, Sucio will be playing be The Ruins! Oooooh. I have quite a list of favourites amongst the Sucio arsenal but The Ruins is up there. Tremendous.


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