Monday, 30 January 2017

We are the goddess

There was a time when female deities were worshipped as part of a mainstream religious practices. In parallel, and in intrinsically linked to this, women themselves were valued holistically. The very concept of being physically able to birth and nurture a child, was once reverred. Feminity was not fetishised but viewed with wonder and joy. In the past, a woman's beauty was not reduced to her sexual function. Nor considered in terms of her comparibility to an idealised image in the media, which is an impossible and false aim because no one actually looks like that.

There are men who would simultaneously expect physical ‘perfection’ but would recoil at the level of intervention required to achieve this ‘perfection’. Some men, believe every woman should have flawless skin, full lips, long curly lashes, high cheek bones, able to eat half a pizza but look like they only chew on lettuce leaves. Imperfect women should not exist - think these men. Sadly some women think this too. They think this without realising that idea of flawless has been painted onto our psyches through our interaction with the social world.

Beauty is just a construct. The elements that create it change over time, vary culturally and exist in the mind of the beholder. Obviously people ought to be healthy - both physically and mentally. Healthiness is always a good thing but health should not be confused with painted beauty. Trying to align one’s sense of self with an unreachable ideal is folly. We should love, nay, we should adore ourselves exactly as we are right now.

With these facts in mind, coming up is a link to some wonderful reading. We should view ourselves as goddesses. Not as a being whose aesthetic perfection is based on current forms but as the goddess within. Women ought to be sexual beings, who are completely present during sex. Moreover, we should love our bodies and ourselves.


Wise words indeed, so wise, they inspired this blog post.


The RGF xx

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