Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Unexpected discovery

I was rummaging around the date site one evening - which appears to imply expectation - when, in fact, there was none.  My rummage was vague - like the hapless, one-handed sift through the bargain rail in a charity shop.  There is no hope of success but you look anyway. After a time my eyes fell upon something interesting…, it wasn't the one, it wasn't even the one-night-only. It was an advert for bridal wear.  I'll leave that there for a moment. Do not adjust your sets. I saw an advert for bridal wear on a dating site.

Whilst I appreciate that the dating site and the prospect of marriage should, theoretically, be loosely linked - in that dates ‘might’ lead to a relationship, relationship to marriage, marriage to divorce and so on - I fail to see how this could ever be an appropriately placed advert.  If you've ever used a dating site, you'll know that Mr Right is unlikely to be lurking behind the next click. In fact, unless you happen to have a penchant for bad grammar, dick pics and all manner of casual fuck-fuckery - the dating site will disappoint.

More to the point, why the heck would brides be hanging around a dating site in the first place. Surely the search has ended. Although, given the modern obsession with open relationships, I imagine brides all over the planet peering at dating profiles, just before they take the plunge into wedded abyss.  I can barely contain my amusement, as I picture them browsing the virtual shelves in the dating aisles and simultaneously planning their outfit for walking down the aisle.

Unless.....dramatic music please..... the advert is to encourage Bridget Jones' style imaginings. Dum dum de dum. Dum dum de dum. Nope. It couldn't be that. Could it? I suppose some ladies do get carried away with romantic expectations but even the most ardent of imagination would draw the line at planning the outfit before they'd met the person. 

Crazy theories aside, it seems to me that an advert for BDSM gear or software to prevent the significant other finding online dating dalliances, would be more suited to a dating site. These are bound to gain serious click through action.

On a positive note, I'm given to understand that people still meet, fall in love and unite in coupledom. I've even had one or two pleasant experiences myself. Overall though, the online / offline dating trajectory is a little fuzzy.  More importantly, the dating site: it's not for brides. With this in mind, I think adverts for bridal wear would be better placed elsewhere, like a parallel universe or something.

The RGF xx

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