Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Perfect date

I was thinking about the perfect date. Prone to bouts of whimsy, as I am, a small part of me actually believes that a perfection is possible. In fact, I almost had a perfect date once but the protagonists wanted different things so this impairs perfection.

The perfect date goes something like this: two tickets purchased to watch Arcane Roots. A pre-gig curry. In many respects spices combined with oils is not the food of love but curry is my favourite thus it's a digestive risk worth taking. Plus, if you both have garlic, demonic breath isn't an issue.

The in-date conversation would be more free-flowing than skates over ice. Furthernore, the chemistry would reach dangerously high levels.  We would be switched on to the point of glowing. Waiters would have to wave and cough to gain our attention. In short, we'd be in the zone. Our zone. The perfect date zone.

There would be lashings of in-gig kissing and a plethora of furtive glances. We'd sway along on the musical vibrations. Enjoying each moment as it passed. We wouldn't want the first date to end. Arcane Roots would play their best gig ever. Even though their brilliance would be mere background to the majesty of the moment.

The gig endeth. The first date comes to a reluctant close, sometime during the following day. I'll leave the missing elements open to the imagination......


The RGF xx

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