Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Two soups?

Blog posts are like buses, absolutely sweet fack all for ages then two come along at once....or is that men? Hmmmm. No, it's definitely blog posts. It would appear that my creative flair has returned from annual leave, fully refreshed and ready to party.  I obviously don't need a muse. Or maybe I'm my own muse. I certainly amuse myself because I laugh at my own jokes all the time. Indeed, I'm often entirely alone in the hilarity of it all.

I've discovered that if one pretends to be some kind of master chef, scraping a million carrots, at 10pm, after working all day then being a super single mum - is actually quite good fun. Obviously this is a lie. Yet the chef fantasy did serve to take the edge off the domestic task. Moreover, and I actually do say this with excitement, carrot soup via the slow cooker will be enjoyed tomorrow evening.

I have just blogged about carrot soup preparation. I don't know whether to congratulate myself or run for cover.


The Domestic Goddess ;-)


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