Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Endless Tuesday?

Today my blog is my diary. A virtual diary of Hazel. No lock. No key. Just a public record on a server somewhere. Essentially, it's always this but sometimes I imagine it's transactional. Sometimes I talk to the idea of a reader.


Every time someone asks me about Tuesday. As in, how's your Tuesday, I think "it's endless". Tuesday is endless.  I know exactly why I think that but I'm not going to explain it because I'm not imagining a reader.

Tuesday is not endless. It could be the worst Tuesday ever but it will end eventually because everything does. However, there is a vagueness to Tuesday, unfelt on other days. It's a sort of non day. Unless we suspend the very notion of a calendared measurement of time, then Tuesday is not Tuesday. It's just time passing.

I wish to dissociative myself from thoughts of an endless Tuesday. I'd take a wretched Wednesday or a frantic Friday. I'd even give due consideration to "just another manic Monday" but Tuesday can take its' frankly pointless perpetual motion and exit stage left.

Until further notice (to myself because this is a 'dear diary' entry), Tuesday will be known as Irrelevant Tuesday. Its' *endlessness* has ended.

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