Thursday, 2 October 2014


Happiness doesn't arrive on a train.  You can't buy a ticket for it.  It doesn't descend upon you.  True happiness is created through the person.  Believe yourself to be happy and happiness there exists.

I choose to be happy.  Right here.  Right now.  Happy.  Terrible things may happen, as terrible things often do.  I will feel sad, when terrible things happen.  I will feel compassion and empathy.  I will feel angry.  But happiness will be my mainstay.

For the longest time, I have waited for happiness to come to me.  I was searching for it.   But I was searching out there, rather than searching in here.

I've read various books that tell you, in an array of different ways, that happiness is self-created.  I read the words.  I thought, yes, that sounds right then carried on searching out there.  Thus true happiness has always eluded me.

I always thought my soulmate would make me happy.  I thought having a child would make me happy.  I didn't realise that I could make me happy.  Children and romantic love can be wonderful but happiness can only come from me.

I can have moments of sheer bliss with my daughter.  I can laugh with my heart.  But as magical as these moments are, true happiness has to come from me.

I'm partly writing these words to remind me, partly to share my thoughts and partly to declare that from this moment, I am happy.

I choose to be happy because happiness is a choice and only I have the power to make it for myself.



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