Monday, 6 October 2014

Class of 1991 Joint 40th School Reunion - be there!

School days, in many respects, were the best of your life. No responsibilities and totally care-free (apart from exams). School was a time of friends, of fun, the first crush, the first kiss and of course the first experience of love. In fact, school was a myriad of firsts.

So imagine a School Reunion filled with a mass of 40 year olds. Imagine it. Scary. But scary in a good way. That's exactly what my school friends have arranged for May 2015!

Of course some of my school buddies won't have reached full maturity by May 2015. Some will be hanging on, desperately, pointlessly to 39. But most of us will be aged, sorry, ahem, most of us will be in full flirt with life begins at.......

We, that is, my school buds and I, have had a few school reunions already. I was fortunate enough to attend the first one. It was a fantastically wild evening. We were all younger then but still old enough to rock the dancefloor. I have no doubt that this upcoming Class of 1991 Joint 40th School Reunion will be just as fabulous.

There will be music and dancing. There will be alcohol and chips. What else does a fabulous 40 year old need?

Here is a little more info:

Date: 23rd May 2015

Time: 19.30 until 1am (brace yourselves!)

Where: The Bank Corner Pub, 12 Lawton Road, Alsager, ST7 2AF

Tickets: Must be bought in advance from Rachel, Hayley, Suzanne or Melissa

Visit Facebook for more:

The all important menu:

Soooooo, if you went to Alsager School (or Alsager Comprehensive School, as it was known then), and were of the class of 1991, do buy a ticket and be there. Clearly, you'd be a damn fool to miss it.


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