Tuesday, 23 September 2014

The beehive bun is chavtastic

There appears to be a hair craze sweeping the nation.  I call it the beehive bun.  I have no idea as to it's official name or even if it has one but about 80% of the women I see have a back-combined, high bun planted on top of their heads.

I should clarify, the beehive bun is seemingly only popular with the same women that wear floral jumpsuits.  The kind of outfit that was hitherto only 'acceptable' in the 80s.  The 80s was also responsible for neon and mobile phones the size of house bricks, thus 80s throwback fashions are not good and should be avoided at a wide berth.

The beehive bun, at least, as it appears to me, is symbolic of Chavdom or symbiotic with Chavdom.  In other words, it is intrinsically part of Chavdom.  You have a beehive bun ergo you are a Chav. No question, no 50:50, no phone a friend or Jeremy Kyle Show debate about it.  Likewise, and perhaps rather obviously, the floral, 80s throwback jumpsuit also = Chav.  You may as well don a Shell Suit and get yourself a black, curly Kevin Keegan wig.

Chavdom is not something to strive for. Chavdom is something to stride away from, really, really quickly.

If you are reading this and have a beehive bun, dismantle it.  If you are reading this whilst wearing or indeed simply owing a floral jumpsuit - grunge it up or charity shop it.

Just saying.............


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