Wednesday, 7 October 2009


I've just left message for my friend Sarben (Sarah) on her voicemail. It was the kind of message that proves that interaction is not needed in order for me to ramble on for an age. My voicemail messages are like my conversation: confusing, full of self interruption and lengthy.

So anyway, Sarben has been away for almost 2 years and 2 years ago was the last time I saw her. Prior to her travels, Sarben, Liz and my sister Hayley spent a lot of great times together. I was sad to see her leave but happy for her (such contradictions of emotions). She always wanted to travel, indeed you might say that was born to it. She has laid down some roots in NZ and met a man over there. Since she left both Liz and Hayley have had children, Toby (son of Liz and Ben), Aiden (son of Hayley and Gav, and my beautiful nephew). Life can change so much in 2 years. Although I'll cling onto my non-parent status for some time yet, my life has changed somewhat in the last 2. We all have lots of catching up to do. So roll on Saturday, when we will be heading off for lunch then continuing the festivities into the evening.

Miss you Sar,


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